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God has given the people of St Mark a BIG heart for missions!  Every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we’ve given generously to our World Wide Emergency Fund (WWEM) as an expression of our enduring gratitude to God for the many blessings that He has given to us. We pass some of these blessings on to some of the poorest people in the world when they need it the most—when they are struck by disaster. 


During 2017 we extended $500 gifts to each of 2 areas hit hard by floods & mudslides that claimed hundreds of lives & thousands of homes—in Macoa, Colombia & in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  We sent $500 to help the people of uninhabitable Barbuda after they were hit by Hurricane Irma, which totally flattened their Caribbean island, resulting in all inhabitants being evacuated to nearby Antiqua, which was overwhelmed.  Another $500 was distributed to aid the Mexican earthquake victims where more than100 were killed & 40,000 poor people were left homeless.  The last $500 from our $2,500 WWEM Fund that was collected last Thanksgiving was given to Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory. 


Let’s replenish our WWEM Fund during our annual special Horn of Plenty offering on November 19th.  It’s now a cherished tradition at St Mark to bring our WWEM offerings forward during our closing hymn to place in the Horn of Plenty.  Donations will be shared with God’s people around the world during the next year.  Our gifts represent our thankfulness to God! What a joy to be able to pass on God’s blessings!        





In honor of all women who work so hard all year

We would like to Thank You in a personal way.

So please join us for lunch on this special day.


Saturday December 2nd

12:00 noon

In our Fellowship Hall


                   Given by St. Mark UMW               

Please RSVP

by November 25th.